Fallon International’s mission is to improve the effectiveness of organizations, teams and individuals.

We are experts in the development of intercultural organizations and the enhancement of leadership. With this expertise we are able to hold conversations which create moments of recognition, of focus, of learning; moments without pretense, uncluttered by vested interests, by cynicism, by mundane tasks. Such conversations are committed to the agenda of the leader. In working with leaders, we seek clarity in identifying key challenges and focus on designing tailor-made solutions with them. Our executive coaching enables the leader, and in turn the team and the organization, to move forward.

Fallon International’s approach is pragmatic, combining a global outlook with a nuanced understanding of local realities. Our attitude is positive and zestful. Our skill is in enabling clients to have a transformative experience that visibly improves their short and long-term performance. Our clients find that their discussions with us simplify complexity, provide insights and shape a strategic perspective. We offer intercultural expertise gained from working in different cultures and environments as well as long-time residency in Asia.