How Important is it to Build Relationships?

Establishing new relationships happens all the time in business. New people are hired, someone is promoted or begins to work in a department new to them, and members of a team are shuffled. Amidst such flux, leaders I have coached often ask: How do we create an environment in which both new and long-standing people work effectively together, thinking clearly, feeling deeply motivated, and acting powerfully?

In most multi-national corporations, the business is focused on strategy, processes, implementation and tasks, plus the skills to get things done. But it’s people, working with other people, who get things done, often in intercultural relationships.

Successful leaders know the importance of focusing on both task and relationships. Establishing and cultivating strong relationships supports everyone, providing the attention, collaboration, closeness and confidence we need to meet the challenges ahead. The stronger the relationships within an organization, the better people are able and willing to work. When leaders model and teach people how to build relationships rooted in confidence, trust, and respect, we can dream bigger dreams and accomplish far more than we ever thought possible.

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