How Can I Deal With Ever Greater Challenges in the Organization?

When faced with complex issues in the organization, leaders sometimes feel they are wrestling with multiple problems alone, and this is hard. But leaders who recognize that they are connected to others know they do not have to work everything out by themselves. Confronting large (and even small) issues in the organization, they have allies.

Effective leaders are never alone. Leaders can build many close, elegant relationships at work. Those who take the time to build them know they can always ask for help. Leaders who cultivate strong relationships can talk and work with others to create fresh approaches to challenging tasks.

When people get discouraged they often feel powerless and isolated. These feelings are rooted in old patterns learned early in life. As adults, people in organizations are seldom truly alone and without power. Think of the relationships you have in your organization, with people who are good sounding boards and fellow travelers on the journey.

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