How Can I Take Care of My Whole Self?

To take care of yourself you need to know yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to find out more about yourself:

  • Intellectually, what information or learning do you need to achieve your goals? How will you get it?
  • Physically, what issues do you need to deal with? How can physical well-being help you deal with stress and stay flexible during times of change? Spiritual well-being means organized religion for some people. For others, it is being connected to the big picture in life, to nature and to noticing things, large and small, which allow us to experience the joy of being alive.
  • Emotionally, what issues do you need to deal with? Emotional well-being is grounded in having positive feelings and being able to release painful emotion.
  • Can you connect with others? Relationship well-being means building strong connections, which is a fundamental need for all humans. We need to connect with others, including friends, family and colleagues. We need to share our thinking in intelligent interchange with others and to know that another intelligent person is hearing us.

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