Team Leadership

Working Across Cultures: Asia and the West

We improve intercultural communication and relations, enabling individuals and groups from Asia Pacific, Greater China, North America and Western Europe to work more effectively with each other. This includes networking, building social capital and relationships, communications, and leading change in multi-cultural situations. The goal is to create a productive (particularly important for Westerners) and harmonious (particularly important for Asians) work community. Rather than stressing differences, we focus on the present and the future, finding viable strategies that work. It is important for leaders to thoroughly understand the practical implications of different cultural values on the work, the people and the organization.

Organizations can include joint ventures and foreign-invested enterprises. Challenges can arise in:

  • Construction of the plant
  • Negotiation (ongoing)
  • Training local nationals
  • Technology transfer
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Managing competitors
  • Managing culture fatigue and role shock
  • Organization and team structure
  • Policy and procedures
  • Styles of leadership and communication
  • Approach to one another
  • Supervising and managing others
  • Organization communication
  • Organization culture
  • Meeting structure and leadership
  • Negotiating
  • Selling
  • Building social capital
  • Communicating with leaders and others in headquarters and parent companies
  • Modifying training and development
  • Managing virtual teams and functions across geographies

Communication Skills

We enhance skills in communicating with people from different cultures in various settings: formal and informal presentations, telephone discussions, meeting management and media situations. We also advise on communications in virtual teams.

Relationships and Interpersonal Skills

We help to build relationships with diverse stakeholders and motivate them to address key challenges in order to achieve results.