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sun and moon

Maura Fallon has lived in Hong Kong and traveled frequently in China since 1993. She has also lived in Taiwan and Singapore and is from New York, USA. Formerly Director of Learning and Development at AlliedSignal and Honeywell Asia Pacific, Maura now focuses her professional talents on executive coaching and intercultural organization development as a trusted advisor to senior leaders. Whether you are looking to expand and enhance your personal or professional position or to facilitate development and effectiveness of a team, you’ll find her comments on the ‘soft skills’ at work engaging and helpful. Maura’s posts are in English on the falloninternational.net website and in Chinese on the fortunechina website.

Sun and moon 日月 are opposites – light and dark, day and night, fiery and frigid. In Chinese they combine into the character 明ming meaning “bright” or “clear.” Neither is favored. A balance of opposites is preferred.

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