Peter TomlinsonI have been lucky enough to work with Maura Fallon on a number of occasions in my business life. The first time I hired Maura was back in the 1990’s when first taking Nokia into manufacturing in China. Our multi-cultural teams from Europe, USA and Asia needed to understand each other’s culture and what to expect in China. Maura provided expert knowledge not only of the Asian culture but also how our Westerners should behave to get the most out of the business situation.

On a second occasion I hired Maura to carry out a similar cultural exchange in GN Netcom, this was also tied with a team building exercise. Maura was also a great facilitator in this area.

Both of these exercises helped turn around a very difficult team and business situation into a solid platform for the future business which still remains today.

I would always choose Maura to help bring teamwork and cultural acceptance together.

Peter Tomlinson
Managing Director, International Business Excellence Hong Kong Limited

Maura helped our team at Golin Harris/Forrest International, Hong Kong, as an executive coach and in designing a mentoring process.

Maura was a major help to me when I was new to my role as leader of the Hong Kong office during a time of great change. Our discussions were insightful, thought-provoking and pragmatic in terms of solutions. She helped me focus on leadership issues and provided guidance on leadership development.

In addition, Maura designed and helped us implement a mentoring process that was practical and effective. She made sure the entire senior team was engaged in a way that ensured success.

CT Hew
Chairman, Hew & Associates