Financial Services

Thomas FallowsMy coach Maura Fallon is a top-rank professional who gave me very important insights which have remained with me since we began working together in 2006.

While in a complex new position in Citigroup in Hong Kong in a start-up business in a multi-matrix structure I navigated organizational challenge and built the influence needed to get the job done. After gathering input from stakeholders, she helped me understand the new directions and changes they wanted to see from my own activity. She showed a strong ability to explain other people’s needs and advised me how to use that information going forward. As a result, I was able to improve the quality of my own work and adjust my focus to meet the input of my stakeholders. I believe Citi got good value for their money in hiring her to assist me.

After the global financial tsunami of 2008 Maura helped me reposition myself for a new career in Saudi Arabia. I continue to rely on instincts and guidelines developed over time in my discussions with Maura. How to adapt to complex organizations in different cultural environments? This is where Maura adds the most value to a manager. I have become a better listener, am much more sensitive now to analyzing the perspectives of my stakeholders, seeking to pick up signals (whether positive or negative) of what they need from me. I tread more carefully and am more sensitive than before about internal politics.

I highly value my relationship with Maura and continue to seek her guidance where possible.

Thomas Fallows
Group Head, Corporate Banking, The Saudi Investment Bank
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gary Denson

I have always had enormous energy and belief in the business model and sales proposition I am responsible for as the leader of the company. Being a Country Manager & CEO of an emerging operation which has successfully evolved from a loss making to a profitable position, it was essential that I adapted my influencing skills to match the organic growth and developing culture. However, such unbridled energy delivered with a frank openness didn’t always achieve the best results for me. Maura was able to identify the specific areas that I needed to consider more carefully prepare my delivery, to seek out and learn the receptors that worked best for my seniors. She was able to coach very effectively both in face-to-face and over-the-phone sessions bringing a calm, yet reassuring tone that kept me balanced for the next big meeting or presentation. I am still me, but I am also a far more effective executive and more importantly, a better leader!  Thanks Maura.

Gary W. Denson
CEO & Country Manager, Cigna International, Thailand

Maura was an amazing support during a major transition period in my career.  Her ability to dig deep into the people, culture, politics, challenges and opportunities within our business stands her apart from other “HR” related contact I have experienced in my 15yr career. She was flexible, yet disciplined & had an ability to look at ways to improve the work/life balance of an ever changing high stress environment. This resulted in creating a clear strategic path for the business and my personal career development. Our business is heavily skewed towards people management, both internally, externally and I found this to be at the core of her value add. I would certainly work with Maura again and would be happy to recommend her for businesses in the sales/financial fields.

Mark Holland
Division Director, Head of Asia Pacific Hedge Fund Distribution, Macquarie Capital Securities

Maura is the founder of Forum for Executive Women (FEW) where she brought together a diversified group of senior women executives through her extensive network in the local community. Maura is very sensitive to the interests and concerns of these professionals in coming up with very topical and intellectually stimulating agenda for the Forum. The Forum brought forth a multitude of topics ranging from the environment, global economic trends, political development in HK to brand building and many others. Through inviting distinguished speakers on a specific topic, FEW members were able to broaden and deepen our knowledge, while at the same time sharing our different perspectives on these topics. FEW brings networking to the next level and I have personally benefited a lot having joined FEW since its inauguration in Nov 2008.

Carmen Ling
Managing Director, Head of Global Transaction Services Hong Kong, Citi