Simon NewsteadI had the pleasure to work with Maura while at Juniper Networks, having been recently promoted to a senior management role running a large Asia Pacific team. Engaging with her to help develop my leadership skills, I found the collaboration insightful, challenging and practical. She has a great ability to help you understand and work to improve weak spots in a empathic supportive manner as well as being able to bring out strengths and accentuate them. These are skills I have taken on to my new role running my own startup Frenzoo, a pioneer in 3D lifestyle games on smartphones and tablets. I recommend Maura highly!

Simon Newstead
CEO & Co-Founder, Frenzoo


Maura advised me during a recent career transition. She was extremely pragmatic in helping me evaluate career options and we created focused short and long term plans which included benchmarks for success while also preserving flexibility. She adroitly helped me identify key partners in my transition and strategies for leveraging these partner relationships that mapped into my career plans. Most importantly, Maura appreciates the concept of service – meaning she really cares that her advice is practical, helpful and real value add. I have tried to adopt the same philosophy to my business dealings.

Stephen Laslocky
Principal, Banyan Media Limited

Maura became my coach at a time when I was challenged by new responsibilities as marketing leader at Juniper Networks—Asia Pacific. About 12 months earlier I had been promoted into a new role, but found myself struggling with a number of issues at once. With little direction from my direct line remote boss or my dotted line local boss, the challenges came to feel overwhelming. Maura helped me identify some key areas to work on, provided suggestions about how I might leverage one action to address a couple issues, and more importantly asked the questions that allowed me to find the direction I was looking for within myself. The skills and confidence that came from that experience have served me very well ever since. I highly recommend Maura to anyone who is willing to take a close look at their management style and behaviours, in order to make the changes that allow them to go to the next level in their career.

Michele Felder
VP of Marketing, Asia Pacific, Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

I am delighted to provide Maura with a reference. After our sessions ended, I met with two other acquaintances who are interested in the coaching field. One has progressed through a series of trainings toward accreditation, and the other has an aspiration to coach. I had the opportunity to enjoy “free” sessions from the person who is “studying” and feel uniquely qualified to provide a reference. Thank you for asking me.

Like some, I was not clear on how a coach might benefit me, but I was clear that I needed an interested 3rd party who could give me meaningful feedback on how I could “up my game”. Maura provided me with practical and specific feedback, that I could implement in portions that I could absorb, within time frames I could deal with, but likewise not allowing me to slide or distract Maura from helping me.

Having had exposure to others in the field, I understand our relationship could not have been successful but for the respect that I have for Maura and her talent. That I came from one industry, was looking to make the switch to another, did not cause us to falter in stride, but in fact she challenged me to provide the clarity (I distinguish this because she could have pushed me by asking direct questions that I had to answer, but instead she approached this from the side which meant I had to work harder to connect the dots).

Lily Ng
Previously, CFO, Tigergate Entertainment
CFO, Asia Pac at CPP Asia Ltd
CFO, Access Asia Group

Craig PepplesMaura is a skilled listener and provided me with ideas I had not considered, most of which ended up working very well. She has good experience of HR and the cultural issues involved in M&A.

Craig Pepples
President, Corporate Affairs, Global Sources and Publisher, Chief Executive China




I hired Maura Fallon as Global Sources’ business consultant for a sizable acquisition in China in 2006. The deal structure was complex. It involved Hong Kong and US regulations as well as different management cultures and operational philosophies.

As statistics told us that many merger and acquisition deals often fail to succeed, we wanted to be careful and realistic about potential challenges in the post-deal integration process.

Could we successfully integrate the Hong Kong company if we did take it over? How do we build a mechanism which would allow two very different organizations to work together and achieve a common and bigger goal? How do we manage cross cultural conflicts that would certainly arise from such relationship?

With Maura’s assistance and guiding, we were able to articulate  the most  difficult and critical questions from the start. Once the questions were framed, we worked through the relevant issues and contextual situations. We then developed  insightful answers and solutions to our questions.
We had much more clarity about what we wanted to achieve by changes; and what we should accept by adapting. Such clarity eventually contributed to our final decision  whether or not to proceed with our option to take over the entire other company.

Looking back, we are convinced that we made the absolute right decision. Maura’s input and assistance was valuable and indispensable. I would highly recommend her to any organization going through complex situations including mergers and acquisitions.

Suzanne Wang
Global Sources, Vice President, Corporate Development and Investments