I highly recommend the Maura Fallon as an advisor/coach. I asked Maura to work with me for several hours to help me begin my new position as a college administrator. As a faculty member for many years, I had never considered moving to administration until a last minute need arose. Now almost two years later, I am still implementing management strategies that Maura introduced to me. In addition, Maura asked important questions right from the start. I refer to my notes from speaking with Maura to refresh and refine strengths while working to build new skills. I think the thing that was most important to me in working with Maura is that she listens well, and helped me figure out ways to manage the widely diverse aspects of my job and personal time. I always have more to learn, but Maura’s early input was invaluable.

Mary Anne Jordan
Mary Anne Jordan is Chairperson and Professor in the Department of Visual Art, School of the Arts, at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.

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