Is Executive Coaching Right for You

Executives want to excel. Despite their success they are frequently:

  • Aware of a lack of focus
  • Over-stressed and imbalanced
  • Travel-weary and under-exercised
  • Surrounded by people and yet feel alone
  • Unable to make time to listen to the wisdom of others
  • Unable to realize their full potential

The focus of executive coaching is a leader’s vision and practice including behavior, relationships and communication style.
The goal is to help successful leaders to achieve a positive change in behavior by maximizing their strengths.

  • Early in the engagement I work to establish the leader’s perception of the benefits of coaching. With the client’s interest established at the outset, we can more quickly agree on the most useful coaching agenda.
  • Behavioral goals for executives are set within the coaching relationship in agreement with their managers. These goals are observable and measurable and along the following lines:
    • What do we want to see happen, i.e. what do we want to see more of, to see less of and to stop happening
    • What would happen if the change was successful, i.e. what impact would the change have on the business
  • In working toward a client’s goals I ask reasonably challenging questions to encourage the client to reflect deeply and critically evaluate certain situations. I support the client’s objectives with co-development of structure and plans; ask powerful questions; listen with focus; enable reflection; re-frame; make insightful observations and share informative anecdotes; brainstorm possibilities and stimulate visualization; look at situations from multiple perspectives; create stakeholder road maps; provide positive feedforward; synthesize and summarize—all in order to establish effective approaches.
  • With professionalism and sensitivity I am able to help individuals and groups achieve a transformation away from old patterns that are no longer helpful to new, more effective and powerful ways of behavior.

Would any of the above benefit you or others in your organization?