How We Work

The first thing we do is to build a working partnership based on trust.
As executive coaches and organization development consultants, it is our job to act as sounding boards and confidantes; challenge thinking and assumptions; provide tools and techniques for dealing with situations; stimulate creativity; give encouragement; and build confidence.

Process map: Situation Analysis/Assessment (real-time feedforward) ––> Plan for Execution ––> Execution: Ongoing Executive Coaching, Action Planning/Action Learning ––> Outcome Impact (Results)
Each meeting includes time to explore some or all of the following:

  • Current business situation; update from previous session.
  • Review progress against plan.
  • Identify barriers and tactics to overcome them.
  • Ensure regular follow-up with key stakeholders.
  • Analyze positions and styles of key stakeholders, plan for action and communication to build social capital.
  • Develop tools and models that will enable greater effectiveness.
  • Identify resources needed to execute the plan and achieve goals, and ways to obtain those resources.
  • Debrief situations and identify lessons learned and implications for the future.